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Spreading Love through Action of Community Service

Compassionate Community Outreach Programs & Events

WBM is a firm believer in self developement and spiritual enlightenment of self awareness of our true being. Because of the teachings found here, we help people enhance their relationship with their higher-self. Through various outreach programs, we provide food, clothing, and other resources to help people survive life's difficult times. In fact, we are the foundation for many ministries and outreaches offered. We specialize in the following:

  • Fundraising
  • Public Speaking
  • Promotion
  • Organization
  • Mediation
  • Peace Liaison
  • Truth
  • Life Purpose Focus

Our Programs & Events

To help us better serve the human race, we wear many hats to help those we serve. We are an operation of relief, love, guidance and a human resource center for those who've been referred or lead to us for counseling, support and or advice. We also organize and plan community events targeted to unify the community around us. Some of the events we organize include:

  • Meditate — Daily
  • First Time Moms Basket — We Go to the Hospital & Minister to 1st time Moms, Giving a Basket of Necessities
  • Fathers Count To Luncheon- Acknowledge fathers 
  • Book Bag Giveaway — Our Back to School Event
  • Hat & Glove Giveaway — Hand Out Hats and Gloves
  • A Day of Thanksgiving (Our Biggest Event) — Provide a Full Course Meal, Including Dessert to Cook @ Home
  • A Gift for You — Provide Gifts To Qualifying Families
  • Costume Fun Night — Provide Safe Alternative to knocking on Doors
Mother's Day Basket & School Supplies

Current Events

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New Life Community - Worship

Costume Contest

A Day of Thanksgiving

Gift for You