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A Ministry Dedicated to Giving Back

About Our Minister, Wanda Bruce

WBM is led by an incredibly strong woman who is dedicated to the cause of helping people and spreading truth to knowledge. Wanda Bruce was inspired by her Creator to share the bounty that was given to her and her family. She is a single mom who managed to raise 4 boys while living on a limited income. Having endured many struggles, addicted to drugs, alcohol, mental health issues and sexual abuse to name a few, she vowed if she could get herself to a place where she could give back, she would give back in a big way. As a result, of surrendering her life to truth, called and predestined at birth. Today, she is a spiritual leader who dedicates her ministry to giving.

Wanda is an outgoing woman of Truth who is ordained by her Creator to make things happen in the lives of others. Her objective is to serve others through her outreach ministry by enhancing spiritual awareness and providing what people need.